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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the YES program?

After reviewing the YES program guidelines, if you decide to commit to the YES program, you should print out the contract, and have your parent/ guardian sign it. You can turn in the contract at the YES table. You can also directly manage your hours through the YES database at service.chsyes.info.

When can I join the YES program?

You can join at any time during your high school years. Once your contract is on file, you start to accumulate volunteer hours towards the YES medal. You only need to submit your contract once. You may begin service during the summer immediately prior to freshman year.

What is the "YES Table"?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays during both lunch periods, a table is set up in the Commons labeled YES. Your YES forms and contracts are accepted at the table.

Where do I turn in my form?

You turn in your form online through your account at service.chsyes.info or at the YES table. Please make sure to make a copy of your completed YES form, and bring BOTH the original and the copy to the YES table. The copy will be stamped and returned to you for your records. If you do not bring a copy, your form cannot be accepted. You could either go to the Library to make a copy, or prepare one and turn them in later.

When should I turn in my form?

You can submit your YES form anytime after you completed the volunteering activities. Please keep in mind that activities older than 6 months are generally not accepted. Special provision is outlined under the YES Guidelines.

How long does it typically take for my YES form to be processed?

After you turn in your YES form, please be patient! We are a group of volunteers and get lots of submissions. We will get to yours eventually.

Will my YES form expire in the system?

The guidelines say that forms must be submitted within six months of the date of service. However, once a form has been submitted, that clock stops. As long as you submit the form to the system within the allowed six months, however long it takes for the form to be processed, the form will not be rejected on the grounds of expired service.

Where do I find volunteer opportunities?

Keep your eyes open for opportunities around you! Some great ways to find service include joining clubs such as Key Club or paying attention to the video announcements each day. In addition, opportunities will often be posted on the chsyes.info website as well as at the YES table. Opportunities are listed on our website when available.

Do I need to bring my YES form to the volunteer activity?

We recommend you print and fill out the YES form as much as you can before going to the volunteer activity. Take it with you to have the person in charge sign the form after you finish your shift.

Can I start volunteering before turning in my YES contract?

Yes. However, please keep in mind that until we receive your contract, you may not submit YES hours to the system until your contract is on file. We recommend you turn in your contract at the same time as you turn in your first YES forms documenting your volunteer activities, if not earlier.

I'm an upcoming freshman. Can I volunteer to earn YES hours in the summer before I enter high school?

Yes. You can turn in your contact and your summer hours when school starts. Please keep in mind that the high-school YES program does not accept your volunteering hours occurred during middle school; and a maximum of 25 summer hours total can be counted towards your YES medal.

Why do we only get 25 total summer hours?

While it is easier to get your volunteer hours during the summer months, we want to challenge you to include volunteering in your schedule year round. The goal of the program is to make you a lifelong volunteer, balancing volunteering with your daily activities.

However, all your summer hours turned in to the YES program are recorded in the system. The system tracks the total summer hours during your high school years. While 25 of them are counted towards your YES medal, the hours exceeding the 25 summer hour limit are marked as "Extra". All are presented in your YES volunteering record should you print one out for college applications, etc.

What happens if I turn in more than 100 hours?

All qualified hours you turn in are entered in the YES Program system. You can access and print the record of your volunteer activities and hours, via the YES database tool on the YES website, to use for college applications, scholarships, etc.

I have been participating in a youth volunteering program for a period of time. How do I report the hours in the YES form?

If you have worked multiple days, create a log with your days and hours on a separate piece of paper, and have the representative of the youth volunteering program also sign it. You write down the total number of hours on your YES form.

I've turned in a few YES forms. Why are my hours still pending?

If you turned in the forms recently, it may take a while for the YES committee to process the forms. However, you can check the comments section of your form for feedback and issues that need to be resolved.

I've turned in my YES form last week, and it still shows as pending. Why hasn't it been approved?

After the YES forms are received, they are reviewed and entered to the system. We review pending forms as quickly as possible, but it may take a week or two depending on volume of submissions or school breaks. You should be able to see the current status of forms at any time. If there are any issues associated with the YES form you submitted, you should see if there are pending comments in the system that will help us resolve any issues. You can contact the YES coordinators if you do not see your hours updated after 2-3 weeks.

How do I know if my YES form is OK or if I have a problem?

We encourage you to monitor your YES hour progress using the YES hour database we provided on the website. (Simply log into your account at service.chsyes.info to see the current status of your forms). If your submitted hours are not displayed, contact the YES committee to find out what happened.

How do I make sure I fill in the YES form properly?

Sometimes we have to turn the YES form back to the students as they are not acceptable. Common issues are: 1) Forms incomplete, such as missing signatures, or missing agency contact info; 2) Forms illegible; 3) No log attached for volunteer works performed on multiple days; 4) Hours not acceptable according to the YES guidelines. Examples are: hours expired, unqualified organization, etc.

Can my YES hours be used in a college application?

Community services is an integral part of the college acceptance criteria. Your volunteering hours entered in the YES system is a printable record you can use for your college application. To maximize the benefit, we suggest you fill in the "Description" section of the YES form descriptively and legibly. When using the word "help", be specific about the tasks you helped with.

Can I submit my YES contract and / or my YES hours via email?

No. You must submit them directly into the YES database found at service.chsyes.info, or submit them either at the YES table with a copy to be stamped, and retain the stamped copy as your receipt and keep it for your own record.

Can I use my YES hours for other clubs / organizations that require service hours?

Your organization's requirements have to be fulfilled before using hours for YES. For instance, if your organization requires 10 hours per semester, those 10 hours need to be met first, and then additional hours may be used for YES.

Whom could I turn to if I still have questions?

The best channel of communication is to email your questions to the YES program coordinators at clementsyes@gmail.com. You may also present your questions to the parent volunteers at the YES table.