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YES Contract


Clements Y.E.S. Program

Community Service Program and Contract

One of the distinctive characteristics of people living in the United States is the conviction that each individual can make a difference through volunteer service. Many colleges now require community service involvement as criteria for acceptance. The Y.E.S. program provides opportunities for students to get involved with voluntary service at the local level to make a positive difference in their neighborhoods and communities.

Students who complete 100 hours (including up to 25 summer hours) of community service are recognized in the Clements Commencement Program under Awards and Scholarships, and are awarded a Y.E.S. medal at the Senior Awards Ceremony to wear at graduation. Participation is voluntary and students may not be paid for any service they perform. Hours must be fulfilled with non-profit organizations/agencies. Please review all the guidelines posted on the website for clarification. These guidelines may on occasion change. You are responsible for knowing the current guidelines.

To participate in the Clements Y.E.S program, students need to sign and submit the contract below.

Volunteer hours are recorded using the “Community Service Documentation Form”, or Y.E.S Form. The form must be signed by 1) the adult representative of the organization/agency verifying the number of hours worked (not a student representative); 2) the student and 3) student's parent/guardian.

Contract and Y.E.S forms are accepted at the Y.E.S. table during lunches when available. Students are advised to make copies of all forms submitted at the table. Both the original and the student copy are stamped, and the stamped copy is returned to the student for his/her records. Students may also submit forms online using the Y.E.S. reporting system. Please note that there is a 6 month time limit to submit hours.

The Clements Y.E.S. program guidelines, the Y.E.S Form and the contract (this letter) can be found on the Y.E.S. website, as well as volunteer opportunities and a link to access the student's account to submit and monitor their volunteer hours.

We continue to be very excited about the Y.E.S. program and hope that you will choose to be a part of it. If you have any questions, please e-mail the Y.E.S. coordinators at clementsyes@gmail.com.

Please note that electronic signatures will not be accepted for the contract.


I have reviewed and agree to follow the Y.E.S. guidelines. I understand that to fulfill the requirements for the Y.E.S. medal, I must complete the required hours fifty (50) days before the completion of my senior year. I further understand that I must submit proper documentation in a timely manner as outlined in the Y.E.S. guidelines.

If at any time during this process I falsify documentation, I understand that I will automatically be removed from the Y.E.S. program.

Revised 8/1/2022