New YES guidelines go into effect August 9, 2023. It is your responsibility to read the guidelines and follow them on all future YES forms. Failure to do so will result in said forms being rejected.
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Clements YES Program

Welcome, Rangers!

The YES table will be available in the Commons on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunchtimes, starting August 29.

We are happy to respond to any queries and accept forms for submission.

If this is your first time visiting this system (created August 2021), please create a new account using a NON-FORT BEND ISD email (this should be the one from your contract). Once you create an account, your previous and present hours will be linked for you.

Medalist Requirements

Due to the pandemic we have adjusted the requirements until 2024.

Class of 2024 (current seniors)

Total Requirement: 85 hours

Class of 2025 (current juniors)

Total Requirement: 100 hours

Class of 2026 (current sophomores)

Total Requirement: 100 hours

Class of 2027 (current freshmen)

Total Requirement: 100 hours

Thank you, the YES committee

We have gone virtual

You can now submit your forms online as well as in person. Please follow the instructions below to submit online:

  1. Create an account at If you already have a contract on file and have submitted service hours, use the same non-FBISD email address you submitted on your contract to create your account and check that your hours look correct. If you are new to YES, you must create an account and submit a contract before doing anything else.
  2. Make sure that the scanned forms are in a PDF file.
  3. You will be able to check the status of your submissions at any point in your account. You can also respond to posts or ask questions directly in the system. If your form is still pending after a week, please check for posts to your submission.
  4. Keep your forms as proof of your service. Do not throw them away.
  5. Remember it may take time for our volunteers to get everything approved and processed. Once processed, you should be able to see your submissions immediately.
  6. Do not use your FBISD email in the system or to contact us. Our emails will bounce back if you do.
  7. For questions please contact us at


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